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Katalog Schotenröhr™

Our entire aerator and sanitary catalogue by Schotenröhr™

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    Order our entire aerator and sanitary catalogue by Schotenröhr™ here. Our catalogue contains detailed information about all our sanitary products, our company itself and valuable service information.

    Browse the catalog online now …

    Browse the catalog online now
    Browse the catalog online now …

    Experience the new catalog 2019 live in a clear preview.
    Simple topic selection with table of contents, page overview, word search function over 143 pages, and much more.

    Catalogue: content and news

    Turbi, der clevere Turbulator®

    More than 700 water-saving products
    Detailled pictures for all aerators and accessories
    Extended labelling for most of our product groups
    New “Eco-traffic lights“ for an easy economic efficiency overview
    Corporate production until point-of-sale
    Sterionuklide™-technology for reduced bacteria, virus and algae contamination
    Whirlator®-technology with example of use (limescale protector!)
    OEM quality for the aftermarket
    Customer oriented production and individual fabrication
    Custom-made products and smaller quantities
    Individual colouring
    Individual packaging
    All products “quality made in Germany“
    A lot of new products, such as adapters, shower- and sink- heads
    New service packaging and service keys

    Colour labelled sieves

    A complete product catalogue with 144 pages, product pictures and all important information to our products and materials. Take your time and study our portfolio, find information about production and services. You will also find a form for ordering our products included. Our product catalogue is available as PDF for digital use as well.