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E-mobility and construction of a new vehicle fleet


In December 2021, the company creates the basis for the e-mobility of its own vehicle fleet. Three quick-charging wallboxes will be set up at the facility and four new hybrid vehicles will be put into service.

100-KVA solar system for the new production facility

eco line


With the installation of a solar system on the roofs of the new company in Castrop-Rauxel, Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH is taking a step further towards the ecological turning point. With a light output of 100 KVA, the new solar system contributes to the self-use of electricity. The effective energy corresponds to an annual power output of at least 84,000 KW/h, which is mainly used for production. For this purpose, an outside hall was converted into a production hall with renewal of the thermal insulation and a new thermally insulated roof.

Move to the new headquarters in Castrop-Rauxel



Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH relocates its headquarters to the expanded company premises in Castrop-Rauxel. From the center of the Ruhr Region the company strengthens its position with a central location, expanding its production areas and development opportunities.

From September 2017, contact us at the new headquarters:
Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH
Westring 225
D-44579 Castrop-Rauxel
Am Westring 225

Tel. + 49 (0) 2305 / 44579-0
Fax + 49 (0) 2374 / 50185-50

Schotenröhr™ publishes new product catalogue 2016

Der Schotenröhr™ Katalog


Our new dedicated catalogue 2016 „Flow controllers and accessories“ is ready for shipment. More than 1.000 products are listed in our practical product catalogue 2016. All products are well-arranged and offer a complete summary of water saving aerators including flow-rate labelling.

Aerators provided by Schotenröhr™ are divided into three different categories (comfort jet, normal jet and saving jet) colour labelled from red to green. Therefore you will always find the fitting product for your needs, no matter if you are working in wholesale, as sanitary supplier or service provider.
Take note of our new products, such as adjustable Mini-Eco-Showers, an effective method for saving energy in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, passenger ships and so on. Also labelled with our extended colour system for different flow rates.

Order our new product catalogue now and for free using our online order form, also receivable as online catalogue (as .pdf).

Setting new standards with energy efficiency labelling



Save water with efficient Turbulator® saving aerators. Making use of our new energy efficiency labelling our 2016 catalogue provides all information needed for saving water and energy. Divided into eleven categories with colours transitioning from red to green, choosing the product needed is as easy as never before. Deep red labelled “comfort jet” aerators restrict water flow less than yellow marked “normal jet” aerators, respectively green marked “saving jet” aerators.

Strong appearance with new products

medic line


Over 20 brand new products from Schoten­röhr™ have been developed for the current product range. Products that make the range even more customer-friendly, now complement many of the most popular positions, such as:

New Medic low pressure flow controllers (M 28×1 AG) and inserts
Profi-keys for Designscrew-in aerators made of metal or plastic
Aerators with special thread for Jado and Franke Design fittings,
Full Flow aerators; M 19×1 IG und M 20×1 IG (female thread)
New Design 3/4“ IG (female thread) aerators with flow class A
Low pressure anti-block flow controllers M 19×1 IG (female thread)
– or low pressure anti-block M 24×1, Design Full Flow
9 new Design ball joints with special threads
Matching new reducers
The economic Mini-shower and different new shower heads

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