Turbi und Perli

Turbi / Perli

Turbi und Perli know their stuff

Turbi™ und Perli™ know the advantages of intelligent water jet technology. He loves to be where our environment is preserved and water saved elegantly. Because: ecology and modern design with highest demands to functionality need not be in conflict – our lovely friends are always alert.

Turbi, der Turbulator

Furthermore Turbi and Perli pay attention to hygiene. They know the formula to success for sensible areas of hygiene. Sustainable germ protection can only work by the use of permanent connection of high-quality materials and antimicrobiological components. (See Medic-aerators)

On our way to quality, new ideas and special product aspects Turbi is a constant companion in our current catalogue “Flow controllers and accessories” by Schotenröhr™. Follow Turbi and Perli on their journey into the “new dimension of water” …

… powered by Schotenröhr™.

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