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LowPressure Aerator


– Original Turbulator®

Precise functionality for low-pressure flow controllers

Low-pressure water fittings technology requires pressure-controlled and accurate water jet technology. Turbulator® brand products of Schotenröhr™ possess outstanding quality characteristics for safe and low-wear pressure control in the water flow. So the precisely manufactured tap aerators retain the value of these low-pressure devices for a long operational life.

Niederdruck Strahlregler

Anti-block flow controllers are specially made for usage in sanitary facilities with low pressure devices and prevent backwater from high pressure in fittings. Schotenröhr™ low-pressure Turbulators® are suitable for common DHW storage devices. Its improved shape guides water consistently and splash-free.

Product sample:

Original Turbulator®




Item no.:

M 24×1 ET (external thread), Full Flow

With gear rim
04.0011.06 / (04.0013.06 inlet)

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