Saving water with aerators

Saving water – water-saving technology for tap fittings

Water-saving technology with aerators and flow reducers is a serious solution for environment friendly and resource preserving measures for any household.

Schotenröhr™‘s brand Turbulator® provides more than 700 high quality products, attesting distinguished expertise regarding water-saving, enduring economy and environmental consciousness for the international market.

Economic flow controllers and environmental protection

Aerators in taps are decisive for its water usage. Economic flow controllers limit flow rates and generate measurable water savings, thus providing active environmental protection. The highest amount of efficiency is generated by saving warm water, one of the most price intensive usages of energy for the customer. Therefore Schotenröhr™’s responsibility lies in constant improvement and combination of saving water and energy intelligently. Water-saving technology is an effective benefit for hotels, gastronomy, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and every single consumer.


Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH is a union of its original commercial lines Rüscho™ and Schotenröhr™ founded in Iserlohn, Germany, and is developing aerators and sanitary accessories for more than 50 years. Your specialist for water-saving and innovative solutions for aerator systems and accessories makes use of modern quality “made in Germany”, constantly improving our portfolio.

Company Rüscho-Schotenröhr

Complete range of products for any sanitary purpose

Schotenröhr™ – high quality and a complete array of products for all European and most of the international fittings for classical or modern builds from one source. Our company produces the desired product design for any sanitary fitting. Expertise, know-how and flexibility form the basis for reliable and customer-oriented partnership. Thereby strengthening trust in your expert for aerators and powerful manufacturer for the European market, thus being Schotenröhr™.

With focus on partnership and marketing directed towards customer desires our facility traditionally and successfully attends an important part of the national and international fittings aftermarket.

Trust in
“the new dimension of water”.

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