Strahlregler von Schotenröhr™


Specialists for aerator systems

For more than 50 years company Rüscho-Schotenröhr, your specialist for aerator systems and accessories, focuses on innovative techniques and modern design. Our product portfolio embraces solutions for water-saving and limescale prophylaxis in different nuances of pricing. Also providing a wide array of products for medic purposes, Rüscho-Schotenröhr is tested and recommended by the Institute for medical microbiology and hospital hygiene of Marburg’s Philipps University.

Our company, founded in the mid-60s in Iserlohn, has established itself in manufacturing different metal products and has specialized mainly in producing aerators for the fittings aftermarket in OEM quality. This including aerators for any sanitary purpose, i.e. shower heads. By extending our range of products, Rüscho-Schotenröhr has become one of the most important, able and powerful manufacturers of aerators and sanitary accessories for the German and European market.

Making use of creative potential and providing performance

Today, Schotenröhr™ produces more than 700 products under its brand Turbulator®. This including water-saving aerators, sanitary accessories, shower heads and much more. Our product catalogue reflects this wide array of products and invites you to discover new solutions. Besides ready-to-use aerators, custom-made production can be provided for our customers.