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Saving water without loss of comfort

Saving water without loss of comfort with aerators for highest demands, this is company Rüscho-Schotenröhrs claim towards material, technique and function. Typical requirements for the requested OEM regarding products for the modern bath, premium kitchens or especially for hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices and hotels, always within legal specifications.

Our “product traffic light“ regulates water usage

Free choice of water usage means comfort appropriate to your needs for sinks or showers. The customer decides where to save water, without loss of comfort. Our new traffic light for Turbulator® aerators acts as a simple orientation for all water saving products. From “red” (comfort-aerator), “yellow” (standard-aerator), to “green” (water-saving aerator) identification. A fluent colour labeling helps to find the fitting product.

“The new dimension of water” emphasizes our company’s philosophy, reflected by Schotenröhrs™ quality and innovation. Interaction between material, technique and specialised function makes the difference.

A German brand

Located in Iserlohn and Castrop-Rauxel, Rüscho-Schotenröhr™ provides a wide array of products, solutions and service. Thus providing reliable and on-point delivery of high-quality aerator products.

We are developing
“the new dimension of water“.

Economic flow controllers and environmental protection

Aerators in taps are decisive for its water usage. Economic flow controllers limit flow rates and generate measurable water savings, thus providing active environmental protection. The highest amount of efficiency is generated by saving warm water, one of the most price intensive usages of energy for the customer. Therefore Schotenröhr™’s responsibility lies in constant improvement and combination of saving water and energy intelligently. Water-saving technology is an effective benefit for hotels, gastronomy, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and every single consumer.

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