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Proper packaging – always

Careful packaging and assembly of the goods ensure clarity and order. That’s why Schotenröhr™ always supplies originally packaged goods from our own production.Our aerators can be delivered in colour-coded boxes by 10pcs/ box, or loosely by 200, 500, 1.000 pcs.

Siebe mit Farbkennzeichnung

Packaging & ready-made products

If desired our aerators will be delivered in shock proof bags or in extra save blister packs. Any kind of blister packing is possible, including print and design. We are manufacturing according to your needs. Some examples of our service boxes can be found in our current flow regulators catalogue. Order here for free. Always focusing on being in line with the market, Schotenröhr™ offers service from production to point-of-sale. We support new ideas and create new impulses with more than 50 years of experience.

Branding and perfect appreciation

Packaging is more than just protection. Your packaging is the first message received by the customer. It delivers branding, quality and appreciation requested and expected by your customer. Do not hesitate to contact us to improve your chances on the market.

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