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Whirlator Aerator


– Original Turbulator®

Limescale simply rolls off!

Whirlator® stimulates water demonstrably, with many positive side effects, especially effective when contaminated with high amounts of limescale. All water-guiding systems can easily be equipped and therefore provide a significantly better water quality, germ free hygiene and vitalizing taste. Limescale residue can be reduced by up to 80%. Tested with comparative crystal analysis by Hagalis AG, Bottighofen and Herdwangen-Schönach, the use of our Whirlator® system is highly recommended, also by the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene, Philipps-University of Marburg.

Whirlator® leads to ...

Siegel Universität Marburg• up to 80% less limescale residue
• sustainable water quality
• original state of spring water quality
• an anti-bacterial effect
• hygienically proofed security
• less use of cleaning supplies
• a vitalizing taste
• higher dissolubility – more oxygen

Product sample:

Original Schotenröhr

Whirlator® - Vital + Anti-lime


Item no.:

WTC 241, Flow class A (13,5 – 15,0 L/min.)

f. adapter M22 x 1 FT / M24 x 1 ET with Premium aerator

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