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Medic Aerator


– Original Turbulator®

Microbiological certificate
by Marburgs Philipps-University

Safety-testing by the „Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie“ (institute for medical microbiology) at Philipps University Marburg ensures risk-free water jet technology in hospitals, day clinics, nursing homes and doctor’s practices – and already in 3rd generation of improved effectiveness.

The special laminar jet technology prevents germs being transferred into the air from any contaminated water.

Long-lasting hygiene by use of Sterionuklide®-technology

Microbacterial protection with Sterionuklide® is the latest strategy from Schotenröhr™. Sterionuklide® are efficient antimicrobial additives, organometallic molecules with a strong ionizing effect. Sterionuklide® are not nanomaterials! Through the constant emission of active ions, they provide lasting protection against all microorganisms.

Avoiding germs right from the start
lasting protection even against viruses

Sterionuklide® form ions with high activity that are suitable to destroy the metabolism system of primitive organisms permanently. The micro bacterial defense not only causes death of bacterial pathogens, it effects micro-organisms such as algae and viruses as well. Active Sterionuklide® will firmly be connected within the carrier’s molecule structure, thus ensuring its effect for our products life-time.

Sterionuklide® in all Medic-aerators

All Turbulator®Medic-aerators are specifically designed for hospitals, nursing homes and facilities with high standards of hygiene. The special series of Medic flow controllers are produced using the latest Sterionuklide® technology. The effectiveness of Sterionuklide® is scientifically recognized being more effective than nano-metallic hygiene procedures, such as silver-technology. They effectively prevent contamination from outside by microorganisms in the pipe system. Even with stagnant water, organisms are continuously eliminated.

How it works:

All water-carrying plastic components in our Medic-aerators are inseparably linked to Sterionuklide®-particles. Sterionuklide® is being fused with the plastic granulate and injected into the finished form – without surface treatment. Therefore our Sterionuklide®-technology is connected to the molecular structure permanently.

Sterionuklide® Strukture

Sterionuklide® are no nano-metalls and will constitute a significantly higher number of ions per unit as nano-metals. This results in a higher initial efficiency. Usually nano-silver loses its effectiveness within 4 weeks completely. Under the same test conditions, Sterionuklide® have an effect time of at least 5 years and destroy over 500 times more germs than nanosilver.

Our Medic-aerators therefore fulfill our requirement for a new dimension of water.


Product sample:

Original Turbulator®





M 22×1 FT (Self-cleaning aerators), Flow class A (13,5 – 15,0 L/min.)

LongLife Quality / incl. anti-limescale sleeve

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