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Saving water without loss of comfort

Save water and energy measurably with Schotenröhr™‘s water saving calculator. The example shown illustrates daily savings for a simple washstand (6min.), sink unit (3min.) and a single shower mounting (6min. at 3 bars).

Stunning results

Save up to 492 Euro in just a year with economic flow controllers from Schotenröhr™. Achieve these savings with the familiar high quality provided by Schotenröhr™. Flow rates differ from 1,5 to 10L/min, based on the aerator used. Usual aerators provide water flow from 15 L/min to 25 L/min, you are saving up to 70% of water, plus the considerable amount of energy cost.

water saving calculator

Water saving calculator

Required inputs
Sinks* Showers* Toilets* Other fittings*
Amount of ...:
Use per sampling point: Minutes Minutes times Minutes
Used economic aerator

→ Calculation details

→ Amortization calculator

Calculation details

Sinks Showers Toilets Other fittings
Water consumption
Water consumpt. ECO
Costs ECO
With water-saving products Without water-saving products
Consumption per year
Costs per year

Amortisation calculator

Investment wasser saving products Investment assembly Capital costs

Amortization in approx.: 0.00 days
Effective savings in the first year: 0.00 €

Note: Please press the Calculate button again after entering data!

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