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Secure Aerator


– Original Turbulator®

Security against theft and manipulation

Security against theft for valuable armature technology prevents loss of value in your installations at particularly frequented places. Secure armatures and tap aerators with the special Turbulator® Secure technology and do not give thieves a chance. The system has very successfully proven its worthiness in public and commercial areas such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hotels, catering and industry.

Vandal-proofed security

Don’t give thieves a chance! The endlessly rotatable external shell makes it impossible to remove the aerator without the special key.

With our included special key, installation of vandal-proof flow controllers is especially simple. Original qualities of your fittings can be preserved by using vandal-proof flow controllers.

Product sample:

Original Turbulator®





M 22 x 1 FT (female thread), Eco constant (10,0 L/min.)

LongLife quality / with anti-limescale sieve / Medic

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