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SelfClean Aerator


– Original Turbulator®

Self-cleaning aerators

Self-cleaning aerators divert dirt particles away in a controlled way and thus preventing the flow of water from becoming blocked inside the aerator quickly. Dirt particles up to a size of 1 mm are already filtered with the first opening of the water tap. The wide-meshed special plastic sieve initiates the easy removal of residue in the event of lime build-up.

SC aerators of the Turbulator® range “SelfClean” are used when water is very limy and dirty. The technique prevents clogging of the system by coarse contamination as the dirt residue can easily drain off through the wide-meshed plastic filter. The inner part made of special plastic material guarantees the easy removal of the lime deposit with a brush.

Product sample:

Original Turbulator®




Item no.:

M 24×1 ET (external thread), Flow class Z (7,5 – 9,0 L/min.)

LongLife Quality / incl. anti-limescale sleeve
03.0011.55 / (03.0013.55 inlet)

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