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Aerator and water quality
– it’s all about substance

Schotenröhr™ produces convenient aerator solutions for your needs. The proper aerator is an important factor in reducing usage of natural resources and energy, as well as meeting medical standards in health-sensitive areas. Modern aerators are able of more than just producing a pleasant flow of water. They can be used for reducing flow rates as well as reducing germs and microbes, i.e. by preventing air contamination, thus increasing water quality.

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Intelligent aerators
– dent-proof sieves, limescale repellent plastics and much more

Qualität und Verantwortung

Schotenröhr™-aerators are of excellent quality and of course certified, corresponding test certificates can be provided. The usages of certified materials, dent-proof sieves, as well as resistant and limescale repellent synthetic materials provide original equipment manufacturer quality. Besides a high quality of, a comfortable flow is an important indicator for comfortable use of water in any household.

In addition to many economical products our secure line (see product series (Secure) , LongLife-quality aerators (with reduced limescale accumulation) and constant aerators are an important part of our range of goods.

Germ defense with aerators

Philips Universität MarburgFor usage in sensible areas, such as hospitals, medical offices and nursing homes, a high water quality is crucial. Schotenröhr™ exclusively makes use of long term hygienic aerators, threatened with Sterionuklide®-technology. Thus sustainably reducing bacteria, viruses and algae. Our Medic-aerators are certified by Marburg’s Institute for Medical Microbiology and hospital hygiene. An investment in security for any medical or hygienic challenging sanitary area.

Our limescale protector with a twist

Our Whirlator®-system is an easy way to permanently reducing limescale in all water guiding systems in your household. Our patented and proofed system makes use of a simple trick, provided by Mother Nature. By swirling water limescale molecules are bursted into aragonite which barely adheres to your sanitary surface. Thus providing less effort in cleaning, a noticeable improvement in water quality and as a consequence lesser costs. Up to 80% of limescale residue can demonstrably be reduced, only by installing our patented Whirlator®-system.

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