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Premium Aerator


– Original Turbulator®

Premium-Aerators quality-proofed

Comfort in bath, kitchen and clinic is warranted by precise engineering and quality-proofed and certified technology, including noise reduction. Schotenröhr™ aerators are proofed based on DIN 52218 and DIN EN ISO 3822-4 with noise class I behavior.

"A new dimension of water"

All products of our Premium portfolio satisfy highest demands in technique, function and material – without compromise. Our promise: OEM quality, comfortable use, highest standards for any sanitary use. Therefore we apply our LongLife-guarantee: highest gratification, low effort, for an entire armatures lifetime.

Product sample:

Original Turbulator®




Item no.:

M 28×1 ET (external thread) Flow class B (22,5 – 25,0 L/min.)

LongLife Quality / incl. anti-limescale sleeve
02.0012.02 / (02.0014.02 inlet)

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