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MEDIC soft radiator with atmospheric barrier


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New in the program: Medic-Atmo aerator with air barrier prevent contaminated air or liquids from entering the water or beverage line. A reflux with corresponding contamination is thus excluded and prevents contamination of the inner water or beverage supply from the outside. The system is ideal e.g. for hygiene in vending machines, in sinks and sanitary water outlets in health-sensitive facilities such as clinics, retirement homes, medical practices, etc. These aerators help reduce the risk of contamination from fittings and water pipes.

Simply no more recontamination of the water pipe!
Atmo aerators from Schotenröhr™ are available in the versions STANDARD aerator and ECO economy aerator. Also in the variants with and without air intake. You will find the new products on pages 58 and 59 in the catalogue.

The new sanitary catalog 2022 is ready for collection


The new sanitary products catalog 2022 with an extensive range of accessories from the German manufacturer Schotenröhr™ is on the market. Request online now or order the printed catalog free of charge. The catalog contains many new updates and improved products from the categories Premium and Standard products, Design aerators, Eco economy aerators, Low Pressure (low pressure), theft or medically certified jet regulators, as well as germ-reducing whirlpool technology products and other accessories for sanitary fittings.

New electric vehicles for regional delivery traffic


The company relies on the sustainable production of its products and puts all parts of the company to the test. In addition to solar technology, heating and air conditioning technology for the entire operation, Schotenröhr™ relies on a constantly growing share of renewable energy. This also includes the purchase of four electric vehicles and 3 new new electric charging stations for regional delivery traffic, from which DIY stores and wholesalers also benefit in terms of energy balance. Sustainability is the idea that drives aerator technology. Saving water and energy is supported and further developed with a constant stream of new products. This is what Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH in Castrop-Rauxel stands for.

New company solar system with 84,000 KW/h​


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In 2019, Rüscho-Schotenröhr installed a large-scale solar system on the roofs of the company in Castrop-Rauxel. With a light output of 100 KVA, the new solar system contributes to self-use of electricity with an annual output of at least 84,000 KW/h, which is mainly used for production. For this purpose, an outside hall was converted into a production hall with comprehensive thermal insulation and a new roof.

Move to the new headquarters in Castrop-Rauxel


Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH relocates its headquarters to the expanded company premises in Castrop-Rauxel. From the center of the Ruhr Region the company strengthens its position with a central location, expanding its production areas and development opportunities.

AFrom September 2017, contact us at the new headquarters:
Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH
Westring 225
D-44579 Castrop-Rauxel

Tel. + 49 (0) 2305 / 44579-0
Fax + 49 (0) 2305 / 44579-50

Strong appearance with new products


medic line

More than 20 brand new products from Schoten­röhr™ have been developed for the current product range. Products that make the range even more customer-friendly, now complement many of the most popular positions, such as:

New Medic low pressure flow controllers (M 28×1 AG) and inserts
Profi-keys for Designscrew-in aerators made of metal or plastic
Aerators with special thread for Jado and Franke Design fittings
Full Flow aerators; M 19×1 IG und M 20×1 IG (female thread)
New Design 3/4“ IG (female thread) aerators with flow class A
Low pressure anti-block flow controllers M 19×1 IG (female thread)
– or low pressure anti-block M 24×1, Design Full Flow
9 new Design ball joints with special threads
Matching new reducers
The economic Mini-shower and different new shower heads
– and more news

More articles see News Archiv.

New service key for design mountings


Screwing in designer fittings is even easier with the new service keys. A professional key in a solid metal design offers easy handling. Another inexpensive alternative for design screw-in jet regulators is a multifunctional plastic key, which is well and practically equipped with 4 adapters.

Schotenröhr™ publishes new product catalogue 2014 / 2015


More than 600 products, from aerators to sanitary accessories are provided in our new catalogue. Our aerators are ready-to-use and easy to handle. Intelligent development and customer oriented service lead to premium class products, such as displayed in our product catalogue. Solutions for saving water and energy are as well shown as aerators repelling limescale or killing bacteria, viruses and other unwanted microorganisms in hygienic sensitive areas of use. Schotenröhr™ also provides its customers with a catalog in PDF format on request.

New design kitchen-showers with coloured ring


Now available: our new design kitchen shower heads from Schotenröhr™. Appealing design meets functionality. With differently designed colour rings Schotenröhr™ provides highest quality design with additional value at the point-of-sale. See our product catalogue page 106 for further information.

Manufacturing facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia


Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH, successor of Schotenröhr GmbH and Rüscho GmbH since 2006, sets new standards in quality. A controlled and optimized production generated growth, so that Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH provides a secondary location also located in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Rüscho Schotenröhr GmbH Betriebsstätten

With two manufacturing facilities located in Iserlohn and Castrop-Rauxel, we are able to provide an improved array of products, innovative new products and more information and a lot of service for a reliable and timely supply of high-quality Turbulator® aerators.

Germ defense by Sterionuklide®-technology


medic line

With micro-bacteriological protection against germs using Sterionuklide®-technology™, our medical portfolio has once more advanced. Sterionuklide® are antimicrobial additives, metal-organic substances, with highly ionizing effect. All Medic-aerators are specially designed for hospitals, nursing homes and facilities with high standards of hygiene. All Turbulator® laminar flow regulators in the Medic series are produced using the latest Sterionuklide® technology. The effectiveness of Sterionuklide® is scientifically recognized. Sterionuklide® are more effective against nano-metallic hygiene procedures, for example such as the silver-technology. Safety-testing by the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Philipps University in Marburg ensures risk-free water jet technology in third generation with continuously and effective improvement.

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