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Quality under control

Quality and quality control are the most important standards to production of modern sanitary utilities. Therefore we are proud to have our quality tested and certified. Our permanent quality testing is as part of our concept as constant improvement.

Responsibility for highest standard products

Quality and responsibility go hand in hand. High-quality products, precisely produced, respecting German standards and manufactured entirely in Germany. Quality our customers can trust in. In addition to aspects of material quality, a constant flow and product quality, Schotenröhr offers diverse additional values, such as: germ protection, limescale repellents, air hygiene, flow control, LongLife-technology, thief protection, self-cleaning devices, maintenance friendly products and much more.

Certification reports

Our aerators quality is proven by quality certificates we can provide if desired. Accredited materials are used exclusively. In addition to dent-proof sieves as well as resistant and limescale repellent plastics guarantee OEM quality of all our products.

Our portfolio contains for instance

Premium – aerator certified DIN 52218 und DIN EN ISO 3822-4
Standard – aerator, produced by highest quality and material standards
Eco – branded products for “Saving water without loss of comfort“
LowPressure – special aerators for low pressure armatures
Secure – vandal-proof fittings with special key
LongLife – lesser limescale by usage of wide-meshed sieves
Constant flow regulator Constant flow regulator – flow regulator for constant flow
Design – aerator for design armatures with special thread
Medic – laminar jet regulator with micro bacterial protection by usage of Sterionuklide®-technology
Whirlator® – limescale protection by certified Whirlator®-technology

A sustainable contribution to the energy transition

The company relies on the sustainable production of its products and puts all parts of the company to the test. In addition to solar technology, heating and air conditioning technology for the entire operation, Schotenröhr™ relies on a constantly growing share of renewable energy. This also includes the purchase of four electric vehicles and three fast-charging wall boxes for regional delivery traffic, from which DIY stores and wholesalers also benefit in terms of energy balance. Sustainability is the idea that drives aerator technology. Saving water and energy with constantly evolving products is Rüscho-Schotenröhr GmbH’s contribution to a sustainable energy revolution.

Already at the beginning of 2019 Rüscho-Schotenröhr™ will set up a large-scale solar system on the roofs of the new plant in Castrop-Rauxel. With a light output of 100 KVA the solar system contributes to self-use of electricity with an annual output of at least 84,000 KW/h, which is mainly used for production. To expand the area, the outside hall was converted into a production hall with comprehensive thermal insulation and a new roof.

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