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– Original Turbulator®

TURBULATOR® – an approved classic

The standard products of the proven Turbulator® technology fulfill the general requirements for requisitioners who appreciate reliable aeration technology and measurably reduced water consumption.

Standard aerators are high-quality branded products

The Turbulator® is a branded product in German original equipment quality and has everything a solid product needs. Standard flow regulators of flow classes A (13,5 – 15,0 L/min) or flow class B (22.5 – 25.0 L/min) uses materials that lasts a lifetime. Manufactured in proven LongLife quality with injected or built-in anti-lime screen, the product range surpasses conventional requirements. The Turbulator® aerators of the Standard series convince by their longevity, ease of maintenance and a fine-bodied even water jet.

All products of the Schotenröhr™ range are always produced to the highest standards of quality and material.

Product sample:

Original Turbulator®




Item no.:

M 28×1 ET (external thread) Flow class B (22,5 – 25,0 L/min.)

LongLife Quality / incl. anti-limescale sleeve
02.0012.02 / (02.0014.02 inlet)

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